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The Australian Peacock Spider. Its mating rituals are just as bizarre as its appearance.


Volkswagen Beetle Spider!

Visit WebUrbanist to see more awesome examples of VW Beetles turned into creepy crawly sculptures.


Edward Burtynsky Photography


more animal pictures here


Thunderstorms produce a lot of weird things, which are often easy to miss amid the urgency of tornadoes, floods and lightning. But before a storm arrives, or sometimes out of the blue, rare “roll clouds” like this one command attention as they float ominously overhead.

9 ominous images of roll clouds


Long Exposure Photos of Yurikamome High Speed Rail Transit

Photographer Appuru Pai based in Tokyo who for the last few years has been capturing these fantastic long exposure photos of the Yurikamome transit line that travels between the Japanese cities of Shimbashi and Toyosu.

(via bitchville)


When you thought it was safe to go back in the water:) by Jchip8


Physalia physalis & Nomeus gronovii
© Seth Patterson

The Portuguese Man o’ War is not one animal, but is actually comprised of colonies of invertebrate, jelly-like marine animals of the family: Physaliidae glomming together. These pelagic  hydroids (or hydrozoans) colonize and are infamous for their very painful, powerful sting.

It would seem wise for marine life to steer clear of the Man of War’s stinging tentacles however it shares an interdependence with a variety of transient marine fish, including shepherd fish, clownfish, yellow jack and one fish specialized to live within its tentacles—the man of war fish

The man-of-war fish is generally found in open sea or close to the Portuguese man of war, after which it is named. It is found in all tropical and subtropical oceans.

The fish is striped with blackish-blue blemishes covering its body, and the caudal fin is extremely forked. It grows to a length is up to 15.5 inches (39 cm).

As unlikely as it seems, this fish, rather than using mucus (like the clownfish) to prevent stings, appears to uses highly agile swimming to physically avoid tentacles. The fish has a very high number of vertebrate (41), which adds to its agility and uses its pectoral fins for swimming — a feature common in fish who specialize in maneuvering in tight spaces. It also has a complex skin design containing at least one antigen to the man-of-war’s stinging toxin. The fish seems to be ten times more resistant to the toxin than other fish.

Fact Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-of-war_fish

Other photos:

Portuguese Man of War

Blue Button

Flower Hat Jellyfish


Christina Seely’s series Lux, long-exposures of Earth’s 45 brightest cities as shown by NASA’s map of the planet at night.

The three brightest regions are the United States, Japan, and Western Europe.

Aside from being the wealthiest and most powerful regions in the world, they cumulatively emit approximately 45% of the world’s CO2 and are (now along with China) the top consumers of electricity, energy and resources.

1. New York 2. Kansas City 3. Madrid 4. Kyoto


Have you heard of Glasswinged butterflies? They’re transparent butterflies that live in Central America!

Photo by Swamibu via Gizmodo


Yuri Dojc SYNAGOGUE Kralovsky Chlmec, 2006.